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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 16, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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which was set back in 1943. but you can clearly see the records -- the record in livermore today was 113. they reached 106. san francisco very close to that record for today, 90. they're high today, 86 degrees. so, many locations very close to that record value. here's a look how it feels out there right now. 104 in antioch. 102, concord. san rafael, cooling, half moon bay. speaking of cooling, we'll get in tomorrow. >> our coverage continues with the sergio quintana who is live in walnut creek with a look at one of the concerns that comes with hot weather. fire danger. >> reporter: that fire danger is something we have been having to deal with now for a couple of weeks. as for the heat, if you're not able to make it to the beach, obviously first order of business is to try to get some relief, and that is why we came
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to an ice cream shop here in the downtown walnut creek shopping district. walnut creek did peak into the triple digits, even into the afternoon. it was 101 degrees here. for these people, ice cream was the chosen avenue of relief. while most people in the bay area were trying to escape the heat, there were some people, including north county fire crews in brisbane, who were out in the meet and they were in full firefighting gear. the wildfire training event they held today is not just for fire crews. it's also for residents. >> because of all the streets high in the hills. like sausolito, it's hard to get in and out quickly are so in a situation where everybody is trying to evacuate, it could be a problem with fire companies coming up and all the pandemonium of trying to get out of your residence. >> when an emergency happens you don't have time to stop and
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think. >> when the fire this is not in the time to do it. so i'm glad they do these. >> reporter: there have already been a couple grass fires in brisbane in the last several days, so this training is another opportunity for those crews and residents to stay ready. as for this very active fire season so far, we have been seeing spot fires throughout the bay area, from pinole to south of san jose, so fire crews are staying on alert as this fire season seems to have arrived early. >> ama: right now the chp has re-opened an onramp to 280 in san jose after firefighters made quick work of a grass fire. just before 3:30, flames were spotted on the hill near the bird avenue onramp to northbound 280. here's the smoke billowing from the fire. after 20 minutes the chp decided to close the bird avenue ramp as a precaution. a fire crew remains on scene,
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looking for hot spots. and breaking news out of riverside county. a 600-acre brush fire is burning near beaumont. there are no reports of injuries or structures threatened. at least 200 firefighters are battling the blaze right now. this is going on in riverside county. 600 acres of brush fire is now burning near beaumont. we'll keep an eye on this. >> dozens of people are out of their homes tonight after a three-alarm fire at an apartment building on cadillac way in burlingame. lisa amin gulezian has the latest from the complex. >> the woman said, come and get out. my apartment is on fire. if i stay there a couple minutes i would be not here right now. >> fear and flames rushed across the top floor of this building last night. investigators believe burning grease caused the blaze that
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destroyed several apartments. >> two were involved with heavy fire damage, and then 15 on the third floor, uninhabitable due to smoke and heat. >> 25 apartments and more than 50 people are impacted. the red cross set up a disaster center inside the complex's clubhouse, where displaced residents can get food, water, and even a place to sleep. normally the red cross would put people up in hotels. >> unfortunately right now, turned out not very many hotel rooms available. the u.s. open has apparently filled up a lot of hotel rooms. >> lisa: the frustration for many residents is growing, not just because of the lack of lodging but also because of this. >> the fire alarms did not go off. i didn't hear anything at all. >> some residents tell me the alarm sounded opposite they were just about out of the building. the come mix uses manual fire alarms. investigators are checking the entire system to see if smoke
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detectors, which are not required to be hooked up to the siren system, were working. regardless, several people don't plan to move back into there is complex. >> the fire alarm went off so late. makes me doubt -- i don't know. makes me doubt the security system. >> and the apartment owners would not comment on the fire or the alarm system but i learned the entire system was tested by a third-party company, and it passed inspection in april. live in burlingame, lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> ama: in san francisco, a massive construction fire in the hunters point neighbor is under investigation. huge flames consumed a wood frame of a multistory building on west point road. the fire broke out this morning and took firefighters an hour 0 get it under control. nobody was hurt. developing news tonight. right now a major water main break in ben nearby shays
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forcing a street and highway closure. public works has shut off the water but not before the pressure raised the pavement on west seventh street three feet above ground. water is now gushing on the offramp of enter -- interstate 780. the offramp from eastbound 780 will be shut done until midnight. >> the bad smell situation is under control in rodeo. a tank containing a million gallons of water and hydrogen sulfide ruptured yesterday morning, eve mitting the smell of rotten eggs. this morning crews applied foam inside the tank to cap the liquid inside. phillipss 66 says the air monitoring equipment is working. health officials say the odor was not harmful. just ahead, finally, some closure for bay area families that lost their loved ones in a fishing boat accident in mexico near lay year ago.
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the commercials show an amazing app, but
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> ama: we have breaking news out of san mateo. a search for a missing girl has ended in tragedy. we're live on the scene. what happened? >> reporter: we're here on day
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street. the incident happened on the other side of these houses where there's a lagoon. police are calling this a tragedy for a family which is now understand my in distress. their three-year-old went missing this afternoon, and and an hour ago the police made a sad discovery. now, police investigators screened off the body of a three-year-old girl that is still here on the shore of the lagoon. the accident happened just off day street in san mateo. investigators received a call regarding a missing three-year-old. the police tells us how the girl was discovered. >> officers and emergency personnel responded to the scene. at that time the child was located in the water in the lagoon behind me. the child was pulled from the water. they tried to revive the child, but were not able to. >> reporter: lieutenant malloy says that investigators will know interview the family, which is shocked and grief stricken and will offend out how the girl
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managed to get to the canal. there are other families in the area with children so this neighbor has been hit pretty hard by this tragedy. we'll have more on this at 11:00. reporting live in san mateo. abc-7 news. >> ama: right now the families of seven sacramento area men killed when their fishing boat capsized or deciding whether to sal vietnam the vessel. last 4th of july weekend the fishing boat eric went down during an electrical storm. most of the 43 tourists and crew members survived. one of the victims was al men. his stepson was one of the diving crew that discovered the boat. >> we were able to touch the expwoat survey it and get a look at what it would take to do a future recovery. >> he says his personal choice would be to bring his stepdad home but adds he needs to talk to the families of the other men. >> just ahead, siri is in hot
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water. the new lawsuit over the 'digital iphone assistant. >> it's hot outside but the heat won't last long. leigh glaser has the forecast. miracle mike the a's must be loving the heat, winning their fifth straight. got a no-hitter going through five. we show
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>> ama: in the commercials seems to simple. celebrities coo into their iphones and siri purrs back at them. but a man in new york is suing, saying siri doesn't work as advertised. so we put siri to the test. >> celebrities sell siri as the girl who gets things done. >> almost anything, it seems. >> it's date night. >> the voice activated digital assistant, launched last fall, was the biggest change to the latest verse of apple's iphone. >> everybody i talked to love siri. >> consumers had high expectations. some now say she let them down, even apple's coe founder said he
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was really disappointed and now one new york man is going to court over it. an attorney working on the class action lawsuit said the trucks of the lawsuit is that the siri feature does not work as advertised. we decided to see for ourselves. first, this actress. >> i found a number of restaurants with reviews that mention tomato soup and deliver. >> what happened when we put her to the test? let's get stow mate to soup delivered. >> i found 12 restaurants with reviews that mention they deliver. >> despite the commercial, little slower. but while siri can answer the exact questions asked in the tv ads, others -- >> which way to abc news atlanta. >> checking on that for you. i can't answer that. >> apple has always called siri a beta product, and
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acknowledging it is still being improved. >> if you think apple is going to try to solve the smartphone with this feature, it has to work better. >> if you bought it assuming it would give you the world, your expectations are unrealistic. >> bobby. >> abc news atlanta. >> i like the way they did that. i would not ask siri about the weather. i would ask leigh glaser. >> leigh: here's a look from the sea cam out towards the diablo range. the valley there where temperatures still in the 100-degree mark. live doppler 7 hd showing you clear conditions right now. live at 6:15 this evening. let's get right to our numbers for today. these were our highs for today. 103 in concord. 106 in antioch today. livermore, 106. 86 in san francisco. mild at the coast.
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santa cruz today, 78. morgan hill, 100 degrees. clear lake, 100. check out clovedale, 107 this afternoon. temperatures -- well, i would say they come down. it's too hot out there with 104 in antioch. 98 in concord. san francisco, sea breeze so 76 there. 59 in half moon bay, 96 in los gatos. the reason for the heat is high pressure is dominating, and when it does, it brings us the sinking air, the hot pocket of air, and that's what happened to us today. that's why the offshore winds developed and that's why temperatures really started to heat up. here's a look at our highlights. we'll keep things mild inland with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s. a cool ever day for father's day tomorrow. the fog will return near the coast and that will set the stage for a cooling trend as we head into monday and tuesday. so, lows tonight, upper 60s to
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low 70s, extreme east bay communities tonight, but fog wants to make its way up the coast. so half moon bay, 5 4. 58 for san francisco, and 60 for half moon bay. here's the setup today. we had high pressure just really bringing us that sinking air. so, temperatures really soared today. we're going to get into a wind shift overnight, from offshore to more onshore, a cooler wind direction, and the fog that is sitting just off the coast, with the westerly winds, the sea breeze, will push that fog back up near the coast, and that's going to help to cool us down a bit for sunday. you can see the timing on this. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, fog cast animation wants to bring a little fog further inland, and then it backs back to just near the coast tomorrow afternoon. so definitely those who may be venturing out for the finals, the u.s. open tomorrow, take the jacket. the wind is going to pick up. it's going to be a southwest
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gusts at 20 miles-per-hour. temperatures 54 to 64. here's a look at the highs for tomorrow. notice temperatures coming down. 92, santa rosa. 68, san francisco. the peninsula, san mateo, palo alto, even san jose, mid-to-upper 80s instead of 90s. gone will be the triple digits. replaced with mid-to upper 90s. livermore, 93. 49 for gilroy. and 76 for santa cruz. the seven-day forecast does include cooling trend for monday and tuesday. and then we'll bump temperatures up a little bit for our wednesday. back into the 90s. and happy father's day. >> mike: thank you very much. a little sports? the a's beat the parts, ross on the hill, flirt waiving no-hitter and you won't believe who broke it up. ross brought up from trimble a.
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first start since may 30 knock. you want a no-hit center you need run support in there it is, seth smith. 1 or a's, and you also need great defense. watch coco crisp. leaping grab to rob cameron maybin, ross, no-hitter through five in the sixth, the cal-stanford rivalry never ends. quentin ends the no-hitter with a shot. do ltle gives up the double to venable. a wild pitch tied it up for the as. jonny gomes, see you, aye's hold on for their fifth win. 6-4 the finals. giants in seattle. tim lincecum pitching in his home town for the first time as a san francisco giant. he turned 28 yesterday and of course he went to the university of washington so his is a bit of a homecoming but he has had his worse stretch of games as a pro.
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the g-men are 0-8 in tim's last eight starts. he has become the weak link and hopes to change that in seattle tonight. his record, 2-7. let's hope that changes this evening. >> opening round in omaha for the college world series. arkansas say and kansas state. 3 or razorbacks. rider, nothing but metal. solo shot. kent state with only four hits. 3-1. bottom five. this curve ball drilled to the left. two runs score. double elimination. so kent state is still alive. >> nba finals continue right here on abc-7. coverage starts at 4:30 p.m. miami stole game two in okc on thursday, and now host the next three games at home. the norm la is just that. hold serve at home and try to
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steal one on the road and miami is now in the driver's seat. >> you have to be able to take care of home court. >> you need to win on the road to win a charmship -- championship but you have to take your home court. i think that's been our focus. make sure that this place here is a place we're still comfort make, place that is comfortable a play. >> we had no other choice. we lost at home. tough loss. got to get over it, get ready for a tough game three. you just got to be ready. going to be a fun one tomorrow. >> mike: father's day, game three. coverage begins here on abc-7 news. 4:30 p.m. stick around for "after the game." i'll be live at the u.s. open. see you then. >> speaking of the open, round three underway. perfect conditions as league -- leigh said. no fog or winds. all of the leaders bogeyed the first hole. here's the scoreboard. we cannot show you the
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highlights. jim furyk is 1-under. graeme mcdowell, u.s. open champ is even par. tiger woods, 2-over, and we'll have highlights at 11:00, along with the giants and mariners. see you then. >> ama: so do zombies really exist? well, we'll
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>> ama: back to the breaking news out of riverside county. look at these pictures. here's a live look. more than 600 acres have burned near bro mont. the brush fire began just before 2:00 this afternoon. no reports of injuries or structures being threatened. this is in southern california. we'll bring you anything new later. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, details about debris that washed up on west coast beaches and could be linked to the tsunami in japan. >> the hayward business that played a major role no the daredevil tightrope walker across niagra falls. >> asome by creates a bit of a panic down under. this youtube video shows unsuspect egg people running for their lives as a man dressed as a zombie chased them on the streets of australia.
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the prankster says he was inspired by a similar incident in miami. i feel if that happened here we would just look at the person and says, what are you doing? >> mike: san francisco. >> ama: thanks for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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